We see prodigies in all of our students!

The Prodigy campaign is fully funded!
Check out our construction progress.

Campus Master Plan_ID.jpg

FUNDING GOAL: $175,000

Donations received: $162,033

Commitments: $12,967

campaign total: $175,000


Once a commitment is paid, it is removed from the "commitments" total and added to the "donations received" total.

What it funds:

  • Part 2 of our security wall

  • 1.25 acre land purchase

  • Completion of our bathroom facility

  • The Prodigy Building (furnishings not included*)

  • Additional batteries for the school's solar system

  • used truck purchased in Haiti

The prodigy Building is projected to cost $125,000 and will help students to discover their unique, god-given talents and how they can use them to make a difference in their community, country, and world. 

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level 2.jpg