In 2010, Curtis (our Founder) spent nine months teaching English, coaching soccer, and learning stories of hope, joy, triumph, and rejection from the children of Haiti. Curtis experienced the earthquake (and its aftermath) first-hand, witnessing the tragedy unfold before his eyes just 11 days after moving to Haiti. School was shut down for three months because of the quake, but once school opened back up, Curtis noticed that some of the boys on his soccer teams did not go back to school.

Blandy's Story

Blandy, a 14-year-old boy on one of Curtis' soccer teams, asked Curtis to help him get enrolled in school. Together, they walked to a local school where Blandy was tested, then rejected because of his age and inability to read French. The principal of the school told Blandy, "you are too far behind for this school. There is no hope for you here." Learning Blandy's story started Project 117's story.

THE Bigger story In Haiti


  • 34% of students DO NOT finish PRIMARY school
  • 75% of SECONDARY-AGED children do not have the opportunity to further their education

  • 51% of adults CANNOT read or write

(UNICEF, 2012)

Taking action

The story of blandy and the left behind in haiti
breaks our hearts. Following God's call, we decided to
do something about it!


God provided us with a Haitian partner, Ephraim Orphan Project, and with land 4 miles east of Lascahobas in central Haiti.


School development

We built a road and a retaining wall, dug a well, and leveled the land for our school campus in 2012-13. See the full story here.

Lascahobas school - Institution ONE 17

  • We opened for our first school year on Ephraim's property temporarily in October of 2013 for 35 students with a Haitian staff of 4 
  • We started developing and implementing our 1:17 character curriculum immediately
  • After God provided the funding for phase 1 of campus development, we opened school on our land for the first time in October of 2014 allowing us to serve 60 students with a Haitian staff of 9
  • We are currently serving 129 students in our 4th year of operations

hope through education


Our responsibility to our students:

  • to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus and discover their unique talents
  • to enroll them in school as soon as possible and walk with them through 12th grade
    • the blandy fund helps older students we are not able to serve yet get enrolled in other local schools
  • to equip them with leadership skills and plant character values in their hearts 
  • to empower them to live out the words of Isaiah 1:17 no matter what occupation they pursue
  • to provide educational opportunities to adults who wish to read, write, and develop leadership skills

We see our students becoming teachers, doctors, politicians, pastors, engineers, and great parents.

We see a country that is full of young prodigies ready to recreate, restore, and renew Haiti!

Next Steps

Student Enrollment

  1. Growth:

    1. we will add one grade level (up to 12th Grade) per year to our first school

    2. We will develop our Lascahobas campus over the course of the next 6 years, which will include four new buildings

      • Phase 2 of campus development is projected to cost $175,000
      • Visit the Prodigy Campaign page to learn more
    3. We are praying with open hands and humble hearts, waiting for God to reveal the location and timing of our next school

  2. Sustainability: 

    1. We are strengthening our operations in preparation for future growth 

      1. We are creating new ways (ONE 17 Challenge) to fund our movement and cut costs (in-kind partners) to our operations 
      2. We hired new part-time staff in 2015
    2. We are developing new partnerships with local churches, schools, and businesses yearly

      1. The class-to-class school partnership initiative launched during the 2015-16 school year and included the participation of six stateside teachers
      2. Contact us if you are interested in partnering your church, business or school with our work