True education helps students discover
who they are in Christ and what they were created to do.

At Institution ONE 17, We SEE, Serve, Awaken, and Empower our students.

  • We see potential in every person. No one is left behind because everyone deserves an education.
  • We serve our students what they need, where they are, today. Not only do we provide an education, we're concerned with their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • We awaken our students to discover their role in God's story through art, character development, and experiential learning.
  • We empower our students to share their faith with friends and family while impacting their community through service projects.





The 1:17 curriculum

We know that true education is more than learning how to read and write. Our students are in desperate need of learning about the story God has created them for. That's why we developed our 1:17 Curriculum, which equips our students to learn about our Savior and how they can leverage their lives for Him. Our 1:17 curriculum team will create and implement four series of curricula specifically tailored to the needs, learning styles, and maturity levels of our students.

The first series of curriculum focuses on a:

  • Monthly virtue (Courage, Respect, Friendship, etc)
  • Weekly Bible story (from the Jesus Storybook Bible)
  • Weekly coloring activity
  • Weekly drama activity
  • Weekly art activity

what's next?

  • School growth

    • We look back on where we started with humility. We've seen tremendous growth in the amount of students we've been able to serve since we first opened our doors:
      • Year 1: 35 students served by 5 Haitian staff
      • Year 2: 60 students served by 9 Haitian staff
      • Year 3: 90 students served by 15 Haitian staff
    • As our students grow, so will our school. We will add one grade level each year until we're a fully-functional K–12 school.
    • We have big dreams for the future. We see the development of athletic leauges, enrichment programming, and service learning opportunities as integral parts of giving our students the best education possible.
  • Campus Development

    • We are currently in the process of raising funds for phase two of campus development through the Prodigy Campaign.
    • Once all three phases are complete, our first campus will include three classroom buildings and our Prodigy Building, which will house a library, fine arts room, dream lab, and more classroom space.
    • Check out the journey of where our campus started and where we are now.
  • We are humbly and boldly praying that God will open doors for us to open our second school by 2020!