Portrait of a Graduate

Even though each student has a unique future ahead of them, they will all graduate with four key attributes:

  1. A strong academic foundation
  2. Knowledge that they are prodigies with unique roles in God’s story
  3. The ability to lead with wisdom, courage, honesty, respect, humility, and a servant’s heart
  4. A foundation of truth set in God’s word and a spirit shaped by the vision of Isaiah 1:17

Graduate Vision

Upon graduation, we see our students pursuing one of three paths:


Students who want to pursue higher education as they’re equipped to realize dreams of being doctors, nurses, teachers, business leaders, politicians, and lawyers.


Students who have the potential to revitalize local economies through skills and talents ranging from pottery to plumbing to developing new farming techniques.


Students who have strong desires to right the wrongs of injustice in Haiti and across the globe through church planting and nonprofit work.

graduate support

In order to help our students realize their dreams, we are taking action by:

  • Creating a scholarship fund for promising students wishing to go to college
  • Developing apprenticeship opportunities by locking arms with other nonprofits, lending institutions, and trade schools
  • Starting an Activist Academy in 2028 for graduates with a desire to become church planters, nonprofit workers, and missionaries